About DenVantage

DenVantage is a membership; it is not insurance.

  • You don't pay for dental services you don't need
  • The entire membership fee, after administrative cost, pays directly for actual dental services
  • You or your employees don’t have to have dental problems to get your money’s worth

DenVantage membership fee covers 100% of your employees' preventive dental care

  • Keep your workforce healthy
  • Members are entitled to savings on all corrective dental work without exception
  • Savings on all dental services offered by the dentist chosen without exclusions or limits

Savings are made possible by employees holding up their end of the bargain by simply:

  • Keeping appointments as scheduled
  • Paying in advance for any work not covered fully by membership

DenVantage is designed to make it simple and easy for your employees to stay dentally healthy, without claim forms, pages of rules and fine print, or claims denials